Art Commissions

Interested in a custom drawing of your pet?

I offer art commissions done in my style! These are great for gifts, memorials, or just because. Read on for pricing, examples, and terms, and then send me an email at to join the queue! My commission queue is always open unless stated otherwise and I will let you know what spot you're in when I reply to your inquiry :)


  • Flat color drawings start at $40 and full color drawings start at $55. This price includes a full body drawing of one animal with a simple prop such as a hat, toy, food item, etc. Examples of both styles are shown below.
  • More complex props or multiple props will be $10 extra. There is no discount for foregoing props, but you don't have to have any if you don't want them.
  • Extra pets can be added to the same drawing for $5 off the base price (ie. $35 for flat color and $50 for full color).
  • There is an extra $10 fee for animals with fur or feathers. 
  • These prices are for personal, non-profit use only as outlined in my terms. Please email with a description of your project and its intended use(s) for commercial pricing.

If you'd like something that isn't covered by these prices, feel free to email and we can discuss with no obligation to purchase :)

Terms and Conditions: 

Please read through my terms here before proceeding with a commission: Terms and Conditions. By commissioning me you agree that you've read, understand, and accept these terms. Thank you and I look forward to working together!

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