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My name is Valentine and I'm a 23 year old queer freelance artist and reptile keeper based in Arizona. I first became a reptile dad in 2019 when I got my bearded dragon, Goose. At that time I was in college studying information technology, but I quickly realized it wasn't my passion. When I got my western hognose Marshmallow in 2020 and began creating snake inspired art, that sparked my interest in starting a small business as a creator and the rest was history! I did eventually graduate with a masters in business data analytics in 2021, but I decided I wanted to pursue a creative career full time and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to do so. Thank you so much for checking out my shop and supporting my art dreams as well as Marshy and the gang!  

  • Valentine (he/him) • Owner

    Being able to create art everyday and share it with the world brings me so much joy <3

  • Marshmallow • Shop Mascot

    The star of the show! Marshy is a snow western hognose with a very sweet and outgoing personality. He loves meeting new people, in fact, he's being held by a friend in this pic!

  • Milkshake • My #1 Hater

    All jokes... mostly. Milkshake is a vanishing pattern ghost honduran milk snake who generally despises the world. It's ok though, his beauty makes up for it!

  • Macaroni • Head Empty 24/7

    Braincells? Who needs those! Macaroni is a coral snow motley tessera corn snake who's very curious and loves to try to go places he shouldn't. He's generally friendly and laid back!

  • Meringue • The Foodie

    The newest friend in the gang! Meringue is a lemon ghost western hognose with a curious personality. He has a lot to learn, including that hands are not for consumption.

  • Her Royal Highness Queen Goose

    The one who started it all! Goose is a high red hypotrans dunner bearded dragon who loves food and lounging in her hammock. She's a high maintenance sassy queen <3

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